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Case and Dave take a new look at how and where you buy your wines from experience to selection to price.

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One of the most sought after areas to grow Pinot Noir.  Case and Dave have a rare two for show comparing Two Gaps Crown Pinots and talk about style and wine making as an art.

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A wonderful find to enjoy and impress at your next wine party

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Case and Dave discuss the most talked about aspect of wine and wine making -- how did they do that and where does the flavor come from?

Listen as Case and Dave explore what makes the flavor of wine?

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this week we talk about the lille know but much appreciated subject of St. Emillion

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Wow thats a mouthful (and that means two things).

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Fiano, had one you should or you could just listen to Case And Dave talk about and then go out and get one.

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Whats Cinsault linden in to find out what your missing

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Join Case and Dave while they talk Gamay an old varietal that is having a renewal.

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Case and Dave answer your most frequent wine questions and go over how the most FAQ are about the industry.

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Yeast -- doesn't exactly make you think YUM! but yeast if one of the most essential parts of making great wine -- Dave and Case break down what you may like the most about your favorite wine.

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Case and Denise relive their trip to the beautiful Willamette Valley known for Oregon Pinot Noir.  Listen for first hand experience they had in wine making distribution and growing season and of course a taste or two.

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Little know white that is making a run at being a household name.  Join us in a glass to see what Al's got to offer

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Dave and Case discuss our favorite Reds of all time listen in for some hall of famers!!

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Join Case and Dave as they run you along this old world wine with new world spin.

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Join Case Dave and Roger Smith from Bump City to enjoy his Award Winning wines and his Fantastically entertaining life.

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Marsanne is a wine you need to get to know and may already have without knowing it.  Case and Dave discuss the merit of this old world French specialty with new world revival.

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This is a great show for all the non and wine lovers out there as we share what two things brought together are sometimes as good as a reeses peanut butter cup and sometimes....

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Join Dave and Case on a less known but highly enjoyed varietal.

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Every want to make your own wine?  Do you have what it takes to make a world class wine?  Let Case and Dave lead you down the fun and exciting road to home made wine.

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Case and Dave discover one of the few growers of this wonderful varietal growth outside the Rueda region of Spain.

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Let Dave and case take you on a journey to the house of the Pope and have a sip of this Lovely wine.

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Join Case and Dave and become a wine ordering expert.  Let them take you down the path to getting the best bang for your wine buck while out on the town or just at your local wine shop.

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Join Case and Dave on the journey that lets you follow your nose.

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A dark bold show with lingering tannins and a supple finish you'll love or hate this grape.

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Join Case and Dave on a not so Familiar varietal but one you have almost certainly enjoyed.  

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Learn all about the refined spirit made from wine grapes as Case and Dave take to on a liquor adventure.

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Join us for a tour of the underrated Paso Robles AVA the fastest growing wine region in the west.

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Case and Dave discuss a often asked question that really has only one right answer.  Listen and find out the mystery behind when to drink you wine.

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Roger Smith from the Tower of Power AND Bump City Winery joins us on this episode to talk about his music and more importantly, his wine!

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Chablis and nuances is the subject this week

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talk a walk down main st in Murphys ca with Case and Dave as they talk about one of the best old new regions of winemaking.

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Meet Matt Powell the highly educated creator and wine maker of Draconis wines.  Case and Dave in to what and how he makes Zin and Petite Sirah by destroying the wine first.  

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Yes and we will tell you why

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Take a trip with Case and Dave visiting the second fastest growing region of Ca wine country Anderson Valley.  Experience some of the Spanish and Traditional varietals they are famous for and the love of good wine.

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Dave and Case explore White Zin, a light refreshing fruity summertime treat.  Listen how it was made created and the up and down sides of White Zinfandel

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Dave and Case take us on a trip to decadent Port ville.  Learn the in and out of portuguese invented wine making method and why we enjoy it so much.

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Will and Lacy are in studio from Frog's Tooth winery to talk about the wine they love to make and the history of historic Murphy, CA.



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Case and Dave decide to look at the Decanter side of wine.  Shape size and subject they look to uncover the mystery of the Decanter.

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Wine making has long been the leader in organic production and sustainable farming. Case and Dave educate on the organic approach to wine making.

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Belong to many wine clubs? Let Case and Dave take you on a point by point lesson in wine clubs and what to look for.

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Ice wine is one of the most under appreciated wines we have reviewed.  Join Case and Dave on a journey to the north and to your taste.

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Case and Dave explore the wonders of the California Pinot different regions and tastes we love the Cali pinot noir

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Dave and Case talk cuvee what it takes to make a good one and wine it separates the boys from the men of winemakers.

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Case and Dave talk Pinot Blanc in this episode a white varietal that opens the palate with summer fun.

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Case and Dave take on the crystal and glass of the finest wines in the world.  Do you decant?  Should you decant? When to decant?  Learn the truth and rumors of decanting a fine wine.

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Case and Dave take on Vermentino listen as they talk about this sexy varietal.  Little known but still worthy.

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Love Bordeaux?  How about a white bordeaux?  Let Case and Dave take you on a discovery tour of an old world wine with new enthusiasm.

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This not so well know varietal is coming on in a big way as a hearty and robust flavored wine.  Learn more as Case and Dave breakdown Trebbiano the not just Italian grape.

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Long considered a light wine Rose has become a more developedstyle of winemaking.  Case and Dave explore the process ofmaking a Rose and what and why you want to look for when pickingout your next Rose'

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Giving wine as a gift.  There is more to it than justpicking out a pretty wine gift bag.  Case and Dave discusswhat you need to know when choosing a wine as a gift.

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Your nose is the way you taste wine and develop your pallet.  Let Case and Dave explain why your nose is your best source fro finding that great wine. 

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The economics from the bottle to the glass is what drives pricing more than any other factor.  Case and Dave explain what the relationship of quality and price really mean.

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Some of the best structured wines in the country come from the pacific NW and Case and Dave breakdown how much the region has grown and matured.

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Tannins, legs, terror, blow off, hot, acidic, bold, finish and a lot more are discussed and explained on this Case and Dave's version of the wine dictionary.

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Italy has wine at the heart of almost every meal so their passion for wine goes far back into the history of the Italian culture.  Case and Dave take a look at what has been the positives and negatives of that practice and how it has evolved to today's Italian wines.

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Barbera is a lighter Italian wine with a lot of diversity in its application you can enjoy it before with or even after dinner.  Case and Dave talk about this Italian and give you the notes you need to make a great Barbera part of your next meal

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Case and Dave get off their high horse and introduce you to the 10 dollars a bottle wines that will really drink like they cost you a lot more.  

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Case a Dave take you on a tasty journey past the old world training routes of South Africa wine country.

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Grenache or Garnacha?  However you want to pronounce or spell it its a complex grape that will add to your dinner.  Case and Dave discuss the history and characteristics of a unique and bold varietal.

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Nope not a list of phone numbers or someones social Clones have been around since the birth of the new world wine country and we crack the code to let you know what you are looking at and why clones should be a part of your wine experience.

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Not the best know of the french inspired wines but definitely worth a taste.  Case and Dave look into Claret and explain why and what to look for.

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adding alcohol and sugar is not in Case and Dave's top picks of the way to make a wine and this listener inspired show will explain why.  We take you down the slippery slope that is the newer trend of fortified wine.

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Listener inspired the Sake show is one we take grain by grain of rice to explain why Sake is worthy of the word wine.

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Blending is an art all of its own and Case and Dave can explain why Blending needs to be in you stock of varieties.

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Once considered only as a finisher for color and balance this varietal is showing up more and more as a stand alone.  Let Case and Dave explain the latest craze and why Mourvedre is becoming more popular.

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What are the nobel grapes and varietals why are they nobel and what are those people talking about?  Case and Dave give you a great understanding that you can take to your next wine party.

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Not a well know varietal but Case and Dave want to change that let them educate you on the wonder that is Edelzwicker

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Full body great texture big tannins your thing?  Case and Dave break down a very complex and lovely Syrah

Direct download: 032_-_Ah_Syrah.mp3
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Think summer think porch think relaxing then you should also think Pinot Gris.  Join Case and Dave as they describe you perfect day pairing of Pinot Gris.

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Case and Dave dive into the fastest growing wine region in CA -- Lodi Famous for their Zinfandels lodi also has some more to offer.

Direct download: 030_-_Lodi_-_the_other_wine_country.mp3
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The French origin to this German varietal is not the only surprise to a delightfully well rounded wine.

Direct download: 029_-_Gewurtzaminer_-_Germania_or_French.mp3
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Case and Dave discuss the origin story behind the growingly popular Super Tuscan Sangiovese.

Direct download: 028_-_Sangiovese_a_SUPER_Tuscan.mp3
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Join Case and Dave as they break into bikinis and discuss the Summer blond of Sauvignon Blanc

Direct download: 027_-_SB_for_Sav_Blanc_or_Summer_Blond.mp3
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They may be new to the wine game but down under might win you over with some of the old world techniques and flavors from Australia and New Zealand

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Light refreshing and flavorful and that just Case and Dave as they discuss the little know Chenin Blanc

Direct download: 025_-_Chenin_Blanc_-_a_nice_suprise.mp3
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Case and Dave live within on of the most well know regions of Zinfandel in the world.  Listen how they explain what make a good zin good.

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Discover one of the not so well know balanced and tannic varieties of old world wine.

Direct download: 023_-_Tempranillo_-_Look_beyond_the_Label.mp3
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Case and Dave discuss this soft and subtle varietal and their passion for it!!

Direct download: 022_-_Its_all_about_the_Pea_no_No_are.mp3
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Join Case and Dave on the Sideways devil Merlo.  They may not want to in the movie but we are drinking Merlo

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Have a ton of extra cash and want to be poor let your kids be poor but your grandchildren rich?  Why not look into starting a winery/  Case and Dave examine what it truly takes to start your own label

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Malbec continues to grow in popularity, Case and Dave export this little discussed by highly complex varietal

Direct download: 019_-_Malbec_-_Vineyard_Captain.mp3
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Library wines can be the most rewarding experience let Case and Dave explain on what when why and how to library wines.

Direct download: 018_-_Your_Library_Card.mp3
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We finally answer your questions about the corks and caps -- does a screw top really mean poor quality?  Is a composite as good a natural Case and Dave break down the myths and the truth about corks and caps

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So we threw a party and you were invited as Dave Case and the Ladies break down why and what to pair with your next wine party hear from wine novices to the experienced how much better wine can be with the right food and good friends

Direct download: 016_-_The_Pairing_Party.mp3
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Yes 49 million bubbles in a glass of wine (Dave counted as Case drank)  Champagne the decoding of this much celebrated wine.

Direct download: 015_-_49_Million_Bubbles.mp3
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Ever wonder what a tannin is or why body is so important?  Go to a wine party and feel left out as the discuss the finish in such detail and taste what you may have missed -- listen how Dave and Case discuss how you too can become a wine sophisticate.

Direct download: 014_-_Basic_Wine_Characteristics_for_Dummies.mp3
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Red blends is the signature of any great wine maker.  Case and Dave discuss the balance patients and talent it takes to create a great Red Blend

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Buttery toasted crisp clean and even cat pee?  Yes all of these are discussed by Case and Dave on the show of Chardonnay

Direct download: 012_-_Way_Cardonnay.mp3
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Cabernet Sauvignon one of Case and Dave's favorites and one of the worlds most celebrated wines is the subject.

Direct download: 011_-_Call_a_Cab_Sav.mp3
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AHHHHH the French Case and Dave take you on a journey to unlock the mysteries and history of the French.

Direct download: 010_-_The_French_Connection.mp3
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Ever wonder about wineries and what to ask and look for in your experience.  Case and Dave take you into the wineries of Sonoma valley to give you an idea of what to expect when your tasting.

Direct download: 009_-_The_Healdsburg_Winery_Crawl.mp3
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We take you on a trip past the wine isle to show you how to pick and identify what you are buying

Direct download: 008_-_Wine_Buying_Guide.mp3
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Every wonder what all those labels letters mean why are the bottles shaped the way they are? Let Case and Dave explain it to you.

Direct download: 007_-_Bottles_and_Labels.mp3
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Case Dave and the ladies experience the same wines in different glasses and explain the difference

Direct download: 006_-_By_the_Glass.mp3
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Virtually experience a wine show from booth to booth with Case and Dave

Direct download: 005_-_The_wine_symposium.mp3
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Join Case and Dave on the second part of how to taste wine

Direct download: 004_-_Tasting_wine_pt_2.mp3
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Join Case and Dave on the first part of the series how to taste wine.

Direct download: 003_-_Tasting_wine_pt_1.mp3
Category:food -- posted at: 1:28pm PDT

Join Case and Dave as they take you from the seed to the first sip and what and how of wine.

Direct download: 002_-_From_seed_to_Glass.mp3
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Join us for a history of the grape to modern day wine making

Direct download: 001_-_History_of_Wine.mp3
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